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Welcome to our mayhem, called FireStormGaming!

Network Growth

We currently have a minimal amount of servers to offer you guys and would like to expand to different gamemodes. This would require more financial support because developers are expensive.


It is essential you have memorable experiences throughout our network of gamers. We are thriving to show our capability globally.


Our major goal is to have players connecting among each other from a global scale. We also encourage and welcome players no matter what geographical location, religion, ethnicity.

Founder Flamelier

Check out our resident arsonist's social media!

FireStormGaming Garry's Mod Server

Join us on our Garry's Mod DarkRP server! Want to know more? Check out the forum section dedicated just to this server!

25% donation shop sale. Lots of stress because of school? School sucks! Buy some perks to cheer you up!


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    Absent Form by Dawelitty

    i am Dawelitty i will be gone for 5 days starting Thursday i should be back April 4th or 5th for spring break. Date: 3-28-2018
  2. Dawelitty

    My Staff Application

    Steam Name: DaweLitty Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:244515695 Age: 13 Why do you want to be staff?: cause i know sometimes staff wont be online and things might go on and its unfair to the people who play it fair so i would like to make the game a good experience for everyone who plays it fairly. not just that but also if i see or hear something going on or a staff is abusing his powers i can help out speak up or tell a high person or admin hey so and so are doing this and its not right. Do you have a mic?: yes What can you do for the staff team?: if they 're offline i could sub in, i can help out if theirs a hectic problem and if we need people to calm down i could help. How active will you be?: i will try to be on everyday Any other information: no

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